Green Juice

6 Feb

Since I got my juicer last fall, I drink a 16-oz. green juice about 4 or 5 days a week.  I change up the recipe daily, though some elements are always the same, such as the apple, lemon or lime, and cucumber.  I like to add a beet sometimes, though the green juice then becomes red juice!  You’d be surprised how good this juice is.  The key is the apple to add sweetness and the lemon to cut through the bitterness of some of the vegetables. For the last week I’ve been loosely following Kris Carr’s 21-Day Adventure Cleanse….I’ll post about that later.  I’ve fallen off the coffee wagon because it was cold and I REALLY wanted coffee, but have managed to implement most of the other elements of the diet.  You can read about it on Kris’s website and/or buy her book, Crazy Sexy Diet.

The amounts in the recipe are imprecise, because I’ve never measured anything.  This recipe should yield about 16-20 ounces of juice, enough for one person.


1/2 cucumber, peeled

1 stalk celery

1 carrot, top removed

3 leaves Romaine lettuce, or 2 or 3 handfuls of green leaf or red leaf lettuce

1 or 2 handfuls kale

1 or 2 handfuls spinach

About 1 cup green cabbage

1 lemon, halved and peeled

1 medium apple, quartered


Juice.  Drink.


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